Hi there. I’m Adrian and welcome to the 365 New Music Project. Here’s the low down…

Back in my teens and early twenties, I loved listening to new music and discovering bands and artists I’d never heard about. But then I got old and complacent, and my music collection slowly started to lose its lustre.

This came to a head when one day, after realising that most of the tunes I tended to listen to were at least 15 years old, I made myself a challenge. Every day for a year, I would seek out a new song by an artist/band I don’t know and who aren’t super famous – and rediscover my dormant passion for listening to new things and to get excited about music once again.

The original 365 New Music Project ran from September 2014 to September 2015. I had a blast. I discovered a crap-load of new music – some absolutely amazing, and others that seemed like the badger’s nadgers at the time, but which later lost their lustre somewhat. And then I relapsed back into my old ways.

So for New Year 2016, I’ve resurrected the project. This time, it’ll be a full “new year, new music” challenge running from January 1st to December 31st (which, let’s be honest, has a lot more synchronicity than a September-September runtime). But the rules remain the same.

1) I can’t post anything from pre-2010.

2) I’m not allowed any super-famous UK chart-toppers, although there’s discretion and leeway for overseas performance/following.

3) Long-running bands that haven’t had big success are fine to include. Formerly huge ones who no longer enjoy the same amount of success as they previously did are less acceptable.

4) It must be a different act every day. No repetitions. And there needs to be some variation in style (so I can’t do 365 versions of the same modern indie pop schtick)

So please join me as I continue this ridiculous journey. It should be fun.


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