3.97 – Mull Historical Society

A bit of a blast from the past, this one. I remember Colin MacIntyre – aka, Mull Historical Society – coming onto the scene when I was still at university in circa 2001/2. And a lot of my alternative musically-minded friends were big fans of his first two albums Loss and Us. 

To be honest, I never really got it – and so MHS was kind of relegated to the same post Britpop, 2000s indie position as bands like the Straw and British Sea Power. And I’d actually thought that MacIntyre was more focussed on his poetry these days rather than his music. So it was a nice surprise to see his latest album Dear Satellite on the long shortlist for Scottish Album of the Year – and an even nicer surprise to find a song on it that I really enjoyed.

This is Sleepy Hollow. Not the best track on the album from a musical standpoint, but it’s the one I enjoyed listening to the most – anthemic, American high school rock chorus and all.

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