3.49 – Ultrasound

Phew! I’ve just finished back dating almost a week of posts after being an incredibly lazy slacker for the past 6 days and not updating the blog. Evidently the prospect of thinking of something to write every time I post a new tune is too much – and I’m rebelling against it.

So with this in mind, I’ll resolve to keep putting up tunes here every day – but reserve the right to minimise the actual post content if necessary. Some days I’ll write lots and other days you may get a sentence from me, if that. But at least you’ll get the music, which is the important bit.

Anyhow, here’s to today’s song and it’s a bit of an outlier as I remember these guys from the very late 90s/early 2000s tail end of britpop era. It’s Ultrasound who, while never really having much in the way of chart success, did enjoy a modicum of notoriety thanks to their prominent (and very fat) frontman Tiny.

I’d actually thought they’d packed up years go, but apparently they reformed a few years back and, after listening through their 2012 album Play for Today, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t cotton onto them the first time around. It’s a great piece of work and this song – the album opener Welfare State –  is a bombastic thrash of guitars and socially conscious lyrics that put me right back into  2001 indie club.


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