3.40 – Imagine Dragons

Yes, yes, I know – these guys are stupidly big and famous. They’re a name that I keep seeing cropping up not just in the music press, but also in a ton of other non-music websites. And without sounding too much like a crabby grandpa, I believe they are super popular among the youths of today.

Now, I also have to confess that I’ve listened to some of their stuff before now too. Back in Year One of the my New Music Project I listened to both Night Visions and Smoke & Mirrors…and I really wasn’t a fan. I mean, I liked Radioactive well enough because it was a fucking beast of a song but I found the rest to be fairly formulaic and uninspiring. Not the tepid chart-friendly wank that some of their peers were putting out (I’m looking at you American Authors), but just average. Like a modern-day Train.

But I’m putting them into the list now purely on the strength of their new single Believer, which is fantastic. Yes, I heard it first on a trailer for the Nintendo Switch. And yes, I was surprised when I finally discovered it was by a band that I’d previously dismissed. But that doesn’t matter – this is a snarling, raw behemoth whose chorus smashes into you like a sledgehammer.

Love it.

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