3.36 – The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip

Back in year 1 of the New Music Project, I found myself posting a lot of tunes by random European bands that I was stumbling across. I’m not entirely sure why my tastes were directed thus so, but there was some awesome music from places like Sweden, Finland and Denmark that I was absolutely raving about.

Fast forward a couple of years and there’s less from the continent that’s finding its way into my musical lexicon; and that’s a crying shame. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the great British stuff that I’m discovering at the moment, but I do feel like I should be casting my net a bit further.

So here’s a tentative step in the right direction – Josefien by the brilliantly-named Dutch group The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip. It’s a throwback to excessive bygone eras, not just in terms of their moniker, but also in the music they play. Make no mistake, this is unadulterated 60s rock in the mould of The Kinks and The Troggs, albeit with flashy, phlegmy Dutch vocals.

And above all, it’s just…fun. These guys are having a blast and, you know what, so am I. Top work lads.


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