3.20 – State Radio

To put it mildly, it’s been an unusual kind of day. A reality TV star and inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame has been sworn into the White House and holds the highest political office on the planet – and the world has been turned a little upside down.

So I’m deviating from the 365 New Music Project rules a little bit. I won’t make a habit out of this, but I really wanted to find a suitably nice, poignant political song to post today. I’d originally thought History Has Its Eyes On You from the Hamilton soundtrack might be apt, as would Burn America Burn by The Levellers, but instead I’m going to post something that I’ve had in the archive for some time.

This is Boston indie/reggae/folk/roots group State Radio with a song from their debut album Us Against The Crown. This was released back in 2006 so it shouldn’t really count for my challenge (as I’m trying to find music from 2010 onwards), but it’s such a fantastic wee song that I’m putting it in.

The song is called Camilo and is a super-politically charged protest song against the Iraq war. It’s nice to remember just how fired up, angry and ready to fight the system we were back during the Bush Jr years and my hope is that a new generation of mad-as-hell musicians are soon going to rise up against any injustices that will inevitably occur under this new administration.

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