Bonus post – more Polica

I know I posted about Polica a few days ago and linked to their recent single Lime Habit – along with a wee description about how I wasn’t usually a fan of that kind of music but that I really liked what they had produced.

Well, that was before I delved a little deeper into their back catalogue and found something much, much better. In fact, it’s so good that I felt compelled to get it into the list somehow, which is why this is a bonus post rather than an official entry on Year 3 of the project.

This is 2012’s Wandering Star and, oh my god, it’s tremendous. Like, achingly beautiful and atmospheric tremendous. I don’t often have a completely visceral experience with new songs – usually they take a bit of time to wear me down and grow into my consciousness before I get hooked – but this is one of those times when everything hits at the same time and leaves me pretty awe-struck.

From the melancholia-laced accordion/string notes that act as steady breathing underneath the slow synth and drum heartbeat, right through to the playful staccato punctuation notes and the otherworldy vocals, there’s absolutely nothing I don’t love about this. It’s intriguingly sad and moving stuff just as a piece of music in itself – but then when you add the artistic dance visuals of its promo video into the mix…..well. Watch it and you’ll see for yourself.

There’s every chance I’m getting a bit carried away here (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I’ve kept coming back to this song time and time again over the past week. Sometimes on repeat. And I’ve not once gotten even slightly disenchanted with it – which is pretty rare for me.

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