3.1 – Year Three begins

Among the many New Year’s resolutions that I’ve made in 2017 is a commitment to maintaining the various blogs and writings that I have on the go. I’m a fairly scatter-brained kind of chap at the best of times and I know that I have a tendency to neglect things when something more interesting and exciting comes along, so that’s a personality trait that I’d like to address this year.

I’ve also made a separate pledge to do some much-needed self care this year too. That’s not an easy thing for me to commit to – as I’ve historically been pretty terrible at identifying the kind of stuff that makes me happy and fulfilled – but I’m going to give it a shot and see where we end up. And where better to start than a proper resurrection of the music challenge.

Some of the best fun I’ve had in the past couple of years has been discovering and blogging about new music – particularly the first year of the New Music Challenge when things were still fresh and the novelty of writing about new bands, singers and artists hadn’t lost its sheen. So that’s what I’d like to try and recapture.

So her we go with year three. The same rules apply: one song per day for a full calendar year and there must be a range of styles/genres. However, now that we’re already 2-3 years in, I’m going to relax the rule about repetitions. There will inevitably be some tunes by artists I’ve already written about in the past, but the key will be for these to be as new as possible.

Sound good? Then let’s begin – here’s today’s song: No Matter Where We Go by American country/indie rockers Whitney. These guys have been popping up on quite a few best of 2016 lists and it’s not hard to see why. This is a great little tune and a nice reflection of the quality you can find on the rest of their album Light Upon The Lake. 

Check it out on YouTube here –

And on Spotify here – 


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