Breaking back

So that went well. A month’s absence from the blogosphere for little to no explanation whatsoever. Much sorry. So disappoint.

Basically here’s the deal – and apologies for getting a little bit into the personal stuff here. This is meant to be a music blog, rather than an introspective piece of soul-searching, so bear with me. I’ve been hurtling down a bit of an anxiety spiral for the past couple of months (well, for the past 10 or 20 years really, but it’s just gotten particularly problematic recently). Kind of a combination of stuff all hit at the same time and has meant that I’ve not been in an especially good place.

But the upshot is that the anxiety management course I’ve just started has recommended that I start a journal to document all the feels. And while I’m a little loathe to go down a full stream of consciousness tirade, I do like the idea of regular writing as therapy. And what could be better than a but of music for the soul.

So the downside is that you may occasionally get a bit of conjecture into the mind of someone struggling to get a bit better and to function properly. But on the upside, you (should) get more frequent posts and more music to listen to. Everyone’s a winner!

And to prove I’m serious, here’s a starter for 10: The beautiful Amelia by Scandinavian pop/folk songstress Skott. A kind of melancholy fairy-pixie folk chant meshed with dubstep undertones. Thoroughly bizarre, utterly enchanting and really, really nice to listen to.

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