182-186 – Another random fivesome

Hi again. Yes, it’s the obligatory “here’s a bunch of tunes with no rhyme or reason behind them – enjoy!” post, owing to my laziness. And I’ll caveat by saying that this month is going to be even weirder, because from Wednesday I’ll be in Canada for 3 weeks with a so-far unknown mount of wifi. So you may or may not get some posts during that time – and even if you do, they may only contain video links as I’ll be trying to update the blog via iPhone.

So, let’s get onto today’s tunes. Short and sweet this time, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them.

1. The Hunna – Bonfire

Nice indie-rock, stadium-lite vibes from Herfordshire four-piece The Hunna.


2. Sweat – Acid Rainbow

Portishead-meets-The Cure, groovy indie/dance fusion  from Londoners Swet. Really nice stuff indeed.

3. Billie Marten – La Lune

Dreamy, solo indie soul from North Yorkshire singer-songwriter Billie Marten. Absolutely lovely.

4. Curious Quail – Instant Gratification

Orchestral indie alt-rock from California’s golden bay area, with San Jose rockers Curious Quail. Great fun – and always good to hear violins in an honest rock song. What can I say; I’m a sucker for them.

5. Leif Erikson – Never Get You Out of My Mind

London alt-rock haziness from Leif Erikson. All dreamy riffs, wasted sunny afternoon vocals and hipster/slacker vibes.


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