156-159 – Summer Cannibals, Rag n’ Bone Man, Hop Along & Bring Me The Horizon

I’ve been out of town (and decent wifi range) for a few days on a self-imposed break in the unusually-sunny Scottish Borders, so it’s another catch-up post with a bumper crop of songs today.  Let’s get started.

1 – Summer Cannibals – Full Of It

I’m a huge fan of grunge and it always tickles me to hear great modern examples of the genre. I mean, it’s a style that should really have died by the mid-90s when everyone cut their hair and got *serious* and introspective, man. But it still lingers on in the public conscience and, often, results in some very fine musicianship.

Case in point: Portland-based trio Summer Cannibals – the bastard offspring of Sonic Youth and Hole with a sprinkling of Mudhoney thrown in for good measure. Their new track Full Of It is just awesome – really dirty and dingy licks dancing around an acerbic, druggy vocal performance that wouldn’t have sounded out of place circa 1992.

2 – Rag n’ Bone Man – Wolves

Mmm. Some nice blues-rock here from UK singer Rag n’ Bone Man – a man with a huge physical presence, a huge voice and a huge talent for old-timey blues/soul jacked up with modern production values. This is Wolves and it’s bloody excellent. Big fan of this kind of stuff, and I’ll definitely be seeking more of his stuff out very soon.

3 – Hop Along – The Knock

I recently stumbled across Philadelphia rockers Hop Along and really, really loved this track from their 2015 album Painted Shut. Earnest, melodic and occasionally explosive it’s a mesh of sounds that is both refreshingly newfangled and comfortingly familiar. And lead vocalist Frances Quinlan has possibly the sexiest, throaty screaming vocals that I’ve heard for a long time.

4 – Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

Now, this is an interesting one. It’s actually the second appearance from Sheffield shred-metallists Bring Me The Horizon to have made it onto the New Music Project list. I picked one of their earlier tracks a couple of years back when I did the original challenge so *technically* this shouldn’t really count as an official entry – especially as they’ve now become a little more chart-friendly and, dare I say it, mainstream. But it’s a song that I couldn’t bring myself to cast aside readily and which has been languishing in playlist purgatory ever since.

So bugger it, here’s Throne. And it’s great. Enjoy.

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