149-152 – Childbirth, Lord Huron, La Luz & Cortes

I posted a bunch of random songs last time out, including a few that had been lingering in the reserve archive for more than a year. So for today’s selection, I’m going the other way and picking four of the most recent finds/additions – and they’re all fantastic. Strp yourselves in and let’s begin…

1: Childbirth Let’s Be Bad

A collaboration between members of bands that I’ve already written about in the past (Chastity Belt and Tacocat), this is Seattle punks Childbirth with the wonderfully sleazy Let’s Be Bad from their debut LP Women’s Rights. Easily the best song on the album, this has a frankly obscene little bass line and some cracking, gutteral vocals from Julia Shapiro, all wrapped up with searing punk guitars. Lovely stuff.

2: Lord Huron – Meet Me In The Woods

One of the strongest tunes from 2015’s awesome album Strange Tails, this is a kaleidoscope of Americana guitars, soaring melodies and sleepy War on Drugs-esque vocals from these Los Angeles craftsmen. Go check out the whole LP if you can; it’s excellent.

3: La Luz – You Disappear

Trippy, throwback guitar pop that wouldn’t sound amiss on a Tarantino soundtrack, this is all-female quartet La Luz. Blending 60s surfer vibes, doo wop and splashy West Coast garage rock  they’ve crafted one of the best little dreamy pop-rock songs I’ve heard for a while in You Disappear. 

4: Cortes – Close to Nowhere

Finally, here’s some no-nonsense rock courtesy of London band Cortes. Taking a bit of a leaf out of the Royal Blood/Black Keys songbook, these guys have come up with a corker of a track with recent single Close to Nowhere. They’ve been tipped by the BBC as one to watch in the coming years, and on this form it’s not hard to see why.

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