143-148 – six random songs from the archive

I’m somewhat sheepishly making a return to blogging after almost a week’s hiatus. Now, I’d love to explain how the radio silence was due to some fantastical journey or because I’d been preoccupied with other exciting creative pursuits, but unfortunately the truth is far less interesting. Turns out that when you have a three year old who wakes you up at 2am, it kind of saps your strength and you don’t really feel like doing anything. Who’d have thunk it?

So today is a catch-up post. No grandeur, no messing and no flowery explanations of each band. Just a straightforward list of six great songs from my “to be uploaded” playlist archive. Let’s get started.

1) Modern Baseball – Wedding Singer

Catchy pop-punk indie stuff from Philadelphia group Modern Baseball, taken from their recent album Holy Ghost. Kind of a Dashboard Confessional/Front Bottoms kind of sound – super infectious and gloriously shiny.

2) Slow Club – Ancient Rolling Sea

Sleepy, atmospheric indie garage-rock from Slowclub – the Sheffield duo once hailed as the new White Stripes. This is their newest single, arriving two years after their last album Complete Surrender and it’s really lovely. I’ve been wanting to include something by these guys into the music project for the past year or so, but none of the songs I chose ever seemed to have enough longevity (i.e., I got bored with them super-quickly), so I’m delighted to finally have something that I really like. No video though – sorry!

3) Beach Slang – Dirty Cigarettes

More Philadelphia sounds; this time from punky indie rock trio Beach Slang. This tune is amazing – filled with bending, slidey guitar riffs reminiscent of Mellon Collie-era Smashing Pumpkins and the Pixies, but with growly vocals provided from the Gaslight Anthem.

4) Ty Segall – Buick Mackane

Lo-fi awesomeness with big funky drums and dirty 70s-sounding guitars from Orange County stalwart Ty Segall. Taken from his 2015 album Ty Rex, this is awesome, noisy stuff and I love it.

5) Ume – Too Big World

Industrial pop-punk and rock from Austin Texas band Ume. Kind of like a southern Metric, with strong vocals, sleazy guitars and ambient keyboard backdrops, this is great fun.

6) Escapists – Eyes

And I’ll finish today with the oldest track that I still have left in reserve. I think I originally found this in the first couple of months after starting year one of the new music project – and I’ve completely forgotten to post it until now. This is London band Escapists with their excellent single Eyes. A sort of Bon Iver-esque piece of whisperingly soft indie folk, it’s a lovely little tune. Enjoy.


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