137-139 – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Anna Meredith & Yak

Well crap. Despite promising to blog every other day – or even more frequently – it’s another threefold today after all. I’ll get better at this someday…

But, apologies aside, I’ve got some awesome tunes in store for you. Buckle up and we’ll get started with the amazingly-named King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – a noisy, bombastic Australian psych-rock band who I’ve been really enjoying recently. Their latest album Nonagon Infinity is a glorious mess of flamboyant 70s guitars that should really be forming the backdrop of a Ralph Bakshi-directed fantasy extravaganza.

It’s tough to pick a favourite tune, to be honest, as the LP is more of a concept album than anything else – but here’s the opening track Robot Stop, which is excellent.

Next up is some interesting techno-pop from Scottish artist Anna Meredith with Taken – one of the stand out tracks from her 2016 debut album Varmints. A proms composer and who swapped classical sounds for anthemic club beats, she’s got a unique take on the genre that combines swirling backdrops and avant-garde synthpop with brass fanfares and twee indie folk. Taken showcases one of the album’s departures from bold synth overtures into a more industrial guitar-driven backdrop but it’s no less powerful with a unique Jean Michele Jarre meets Sons and Daughters kind of feel. It’s something that, on paper, shouldn’t work but dammit, it does and it’s great.

And last for today, here’s some loud and proud garage rock from London trio Yak. Scuzzy guitar-laced noise rock is the order of the day on their debut album Alas Salvation and this track Harbour the Feeling is, in my opinion, the best song on the whole thing. Great stuff.

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