131-133 – Tenement, Shopping & Chumped

I recently came across one of those “top 50 awesome bands you should be listening to right now!” kind of lists – and, while I know that those kind of run-downs are generally a big steaming pile of wank, there was something about this one that stood out.

Perhaps it was because I got a nice sense of smugness from the fact that I’ve already blogged about half of the bands on the list, thus proving beyond all shadow of doubt that I am, in fact, still down with the kidz and all that. Or maybe because it actually looked at a pretty broad range of acts rather than the typical, narrow indie-rock-laden spectrum that most of these lists cover (I’m looking at you, NME). Whatever the case, I’ve spent the past few days working my way through it and I’ve got a few gems to share.

Let’s get started.

First on today’s trifecta is Wisconsin post-punk rockers Tenement. A favourite on the domestic D.I.Y scene for years, these guys are great fun to listen to – full of rich, thumping guitars and attitude, kind of like a beefier version of Weezer. This tune, Under the Storm Clouds, from last year’s album Predatory Headlights, is one of my favourites and is amazing. Check it out.

Second up, we have something a little more unusual with a bit of sassy punk from London trio Shopping – a simply glorious wave of sound mixing in the kind of 70s-80s punk sounds you’d hear from acts on The Tube, with the modern day swagger of a Sleater Kinney or two. The result is a slice of bouncy, shiny awesomeness, best displayed in this track Take It Outside from their most recent album Why Choose. Which I absolutely love.

And last but not least, we have Colorado garage rock group Chumped with the excellent Something About Lemons from their self-titled 2013 debut album. In fairness, I could have picked anything from 2014’s Teenage Retirement and been equally justified with that choice too, but there’s something that I really love about this particular tune. I don’t know whether it’s the early Paramore-ish DIY structure, the sub skater-punk vibe or the Kristen Bell in Frozen-esque vocals, but it’s just excellent. Big fan.



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