128-130 – Wild Couch, Sunflower Bean & Julien Baker

Quick catch up post alert! Three bands in three minutes – let’s do this.

1 – San Francisco Americans-folk from Wild Couch. Traditional-sounding tunes with a modern Whiskeytown-esque slant. Oh, and some nice brass in there too, which came as a bit of a surprise. I was expecting violins. This song is called Highway and it’s ace.

2 – Brooklyn indie-pop from three-piece Sunflower Bean. Kind of hazy 90s twang with dreamy childlike vocals – swirling like a morphine coma and really, really lovely. Song is called Easier Said. Also ace.

3 – To complete today’s trifecta of awesomeness, here’s some soft, soulful, heartwrenching stuff from Tennessee singer-songwriter Julien Baker. Haunting vocals, simple electric guitar lines and some ambient backdrops all combine into this track – Something – to create something arrestingly lovely and almost Bjork-like. Big fan of this and the live session version is amazing.

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