105-108 Stonefield, Corey Bowen, Two Inch Astronaut & Laura Stevenson

Gah! Fuck! So much for turning over a fresh leaf.

Yes, I’ve spectacularly failed to keep up with the posts thanks to a fairly hectic weekend, so you get a bumper crop today. And I’m just going to pick the first 4 on my playlist rather meticulously finding the “right” ones to include.

First up is Aussie all-girl rock band Stonefield with Stranger – a blistering psych-rock anthem that I really, really like. No video I’m afraid, but check out the Spotify link to hear just how great these awesome women are.

Second is Middlesborough singer-songwriter Corey Bowen with a lazy little piece of throwback indie rock – the fantastic Back to 95. Really nice summery vibes here, that I’ve been nodding my head to for the past couple of days – but, again, no video. Sorry!

Third up is Maryland punks Two Inch Astronauts – the bastard children of the 90s post-punk scene. Kind of like a Weezer-meets-Green-Day-by-way-of-early-Hole, they’re a wonderfully dirty, scuzzy take on a scene that I remember fondly. Good Behaviour from their recent album Personal Life is a cracking song full of self loathing and emo-tinged attitude.

And finally we have New York songwriter Laura Stevenson with the delightfully sleazy Claustrophobe – taken from her most recent album Cocksure. This is a brilliant wee tune. Go listen to it.

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