86 – Talisco

I’ve been concentrating a little too close to home over the past week or two, so I thought I’d veer away from the folk kick I’ve recently been on and turn towards the continent instead.

So how about some alternative French pop-rock? This is Parisian songwriter Talisco with their recent single The Keys – a sprawling indie-dance slice of Euro fun that I’ve really been enjoying.

Now, I’ll caveat this pick by recommending that you don’t check out the “about” section on Talisco’s website, which ranks among the top examples of wanky artiste bollocks that I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. It may be a translation issue, but I still reserve a great amount of skepticism for anyone who includes this kind of stuff in their bio:

“Talisco walks through the great spaces, its silences and hypnotic mid-tempos, before letting the chords, the beats and the vocals explode when the city lights finally prevail. Talisco is running, through the lacy western lowlands and the California deserts which he pierces with electrical cracks and vintage reverbs.”

Ugh. The fact it doubles down by saying his new album is the “chiaroscuro of an enlightened artist, somewhere between the molotov cocktails of a garage band and the soaring lyricism of Jeff Buckley” is even worse. I mean, we’d all like to write our own reviews, but seriously dude – rein it back a little?

Still, pretentious biography notwithstanding, this is a great tune and definitely worth a listen. I don’t know whether I’m likely to explore much more of his work, but I’m certainly happy to come across this one.

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