82 – UK Feds

With such horrible news coming out of Belgium today, it’s difficult to think about blogging about music. Instead I find myself once again being thoroughly tired and disheartened by yet another bullshit act of barbarism by a new group of jihadi fuckboys. It’s just getting so…old now. And tiring. And draining.

From destroying priceless cultural artefacts and archaeological treasures through to blowing themselves up and taking innocent people with them, it’s just time to stop. It’s clear that the end game is creating fear, raining destruction and tearing chasms between cultures and religions in order to start the last great Holy War. It’s being successful too, if the huge number of people blaming Syrian refugees for bringing terrorism to Europe is anything to go by. Or those who denigrate an entire religion of 1.6 BILLION people for the actions of a tiny minority. But come on – we’re better than this.

It’s not a question of us vs them. There’s no need to start a new crusade among the scary, dark-skinned people and their weird god(s). Or take the opportunity to shut up borders, foster a policy of isolationism and savage the very notion of multiculturalism. Let’s be very clear here. The bombers and extremists aren’t reflective of the wider majority who follow that faith in peace. They’re not the public face of Islam. They’re being condemned by pretty much every major muslim organisation out there. And they are utter, utter arseholes who deserve scorn and pity.

In the grand scheme of things, I know this blog isn’t going to make much of a difference. Wiser and more learned/informed/eloquent people will write the kind of reasoned analysis that I can only dream of in the days and months ahead. But I just felt I should get this off my chest, and the blog seemed as good an opportunity as any to do that. Sorry for making things a little depressing.

Anyway, here’s an awesome wee tune from UK ska-rock band UK Feds to make up for it. It’s called Living in Anger and it’s angry, noisy and great. Just what I need to hear at the moment.

(Unfortunately there’s no video of it, so here’s a live version of another one of their tunes Trouble in London. It’s still good, but the track on Spotify is better.)

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