75 – Lucy Dacus

I’ve been featuring a lot of bands with lead singers who are women over the past year or so – mostly just as a reflection of where I think interesting music is coming from at the moment. It’s not a conscious decision, but most of the stuff that’s grabbed my attention has tended to have a female lead rather than a male one, and a lot of it has been brilliant.

But despite this, I’ve never really featured any overtly feminist musicians – or, at least, I don’t think I’ve posted many songs that have directly addressed gender imbalance or issues to that effect. Maybe Courtney Barrett and possibly a bit of Dilly Dally, but that’s probably about it. And again, that’s not out of any conscious decision – I just write about tunes that sound good and catch the musical cortex of my brain and, if they happen to have great, insightful lyrics too, then all the better.

So today marks a bit of a change to the formula, because here’s a song from Richmond, VA, indie-rock songwriter Lucy Dacus that is wonderfully rich and deeply cutting in its social commentary. I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore is a world-weary ode to being pigeon-holed into a societal norm and how much that just fucking sucks. Creative and witty in its exploration into gender and the roles that define us, it’s the sort of alternative rock anthem that a generation of kids should be rallying around.

Or at least they would have done in my day. Bloody millennials. Don’t even know they’re born….blah blah, curmudge…etc..etc…

(live version only, I’m afraid. There’s no official music video – but there should be)

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