51 – Crystal

I never expected to hear myself heralding the neon synth-pop kitsch of the late 80s and very early 90s – when chart megahits were drawing as much as they possibly could from the electronic orchestra setting on their Casio keyboards – but today’s song has me doing a bit of a U-turn.

So what could possibly have caused this change of heart? Behold throwback pop group Crystal, hailing from – where else? – the bright lights of Japan. Shamelessly throwing every 1991 electronic pop cliche into the mix (Partners in Kryme-esque electro-doofs? Check. Mediocre chorus rap? Check. Ray Parker Jr synth breaks a la Ghostbusters? Check.) they’ve come up with a frankly awesome little tune in Get It!

I know I should love this. Every bone in my body should be conditioned to absolutely loathe this kind of sound, having lived through the musical sludgeheap of electropop first time round. But it’s so much fun. Not fun in a classy sense – more fun in a 3am sleazy sex club way – but strangely enjoyable nevertheless.


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