49 – Royksopp

Yeah, yeah, I know. This is meant to be a “new music” blog so why on earth am I featuring a band who have been around for ages and who I know at least some of their awesome previous work?

Well the truth is twofold. 1) I haven’t heard anything from these dudes for ages and I’m incredibly happy to see that they’re still going. And 2) It’s my blog, so I can do what I like. So there.

Behold the latest from Norwegian electronic duo Royksopp, whose amazing 2001 LP Melody AM is still one of my favourite ambient dance albums (in fact, it’s been a while since I gave that a spin. Be right back….)

Somewhat randomly, they appear to have pieced together an awesome wee tune with a lot of dialogue and sound effects from the Star Wars movies – which is a musical direction I am entirely happy with. It’s called Bounty Hunters and it’s definitely a grower; I wasn’t fully appreciative of it first time round, but repeat listenings have definitely won me over – and the sound of distorted TIE fighters screaming by the frenetic closing crescendo is definitely a firm favourite of mine now.

Nice work chaps. Glad to see you back to your best.

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