35 – Jake & The Jellyfish

A sound contender today for the “band name that’s liable to get them confused with the kind of TV programmes my toddler watches on CBeebies” prize – here’s Leeds folk-punksters Jake & The Jellyfish.

Now, if you’ve been reading for the past couple of days, it should come as no surprise that this kind of stuff is right up my alley. Similar in style to Ducking Punches, these guys are a great blend of acoustic guitars and fiddles with punk-rock drums and electric instruments. Sometimes mellow and introspective, other times raucous and unapologetic, it’s a brilliant mix of raw sounds that I’ve really enjoyed listening to.

Last year’s album Dead Weight is definitely worth a listen, with Diy, Real Life and Intentions/Expectations being the stand out tracks – although I’m also partial to Dead Weight. Mostly because it has the audacity to rhyme “be a cunt” with “everyone” and somehow get away with it.

But the track I’ve chosen is actually from their earlier work. This is Credit Cards & Overdrafts – from the 2013 album of the same name – and it’s ace. Kind of Gaslight Anthem-esqe, but with a slightly greater acoustic element. Killer chorus too.

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