34 – Isaac Graham

Another exploration into the folk punk scene today, this time from Sydney singer-songwriter Isaac Graham – another one of the acts I’ve discovered via a bit of a Spotify rabbit hole.

I’ve been playing his 2013 album Glorious Momentum fairly heavily today, and you should too. It’s a great piece of work, punctuated by some absolute belters of song offerings. Album opener Focus Shoes is a cracker with a brilliant chorus line (and you can see a live version on the video link below), while elsewhere you’ll find stuff like the awesome Lori Meyers and the lovely, punky little duet Hearts Convulse. The man’s got a great voice and he sure knows how to craft a tune.

Take a listen to the whole thing. It’s a rarity that I’ll link to a whole album, but I do really like this one. Go on – fill your boots.

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