32 – Great Cynics

I’m on a bit of a UK indie/rock/punk kind of kick this week – all sparked off by an announcement on Frank Turner’s Facebook page about his forthcoming support act for the summer. Now I’ll get to those guys in a day or two, but after getting onto Spotify and following the “related artists” link I’ve been sent down a bit of a rabbit warren.  So here are some of the acts I’ve discovered.

First up are London punks Great Cynics, whose 2015 album I Feel Weird is great fun. Go check it out. They’ve got a really nice dual vocal thing going on and while, admittedly, I’m not the hugest fan of their male lead, the tunes where their female vocalist takes over are awesome.

This is I Know Nothing and I think it’s probably the best tune on the album. Gutsy yet melodic, it’s a really nice piece of work. Unfortunately there are no versions of this on YouTube so you’ll have to make do with Soundcloud and Spotify. Sorry!


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