14 – Dilly Dally

Any tune that starts with the line “I want you, naked in my kitchen, making me breakfast” delivered in an early-era, Courtney-Love-after-a-carton-of-Marlboro-Reds, rasping scream is guaranteed to catch my attention.

So I’ve naturally been a little bit enamoured with Toronto indie-punks Dilly Dally and their lovely brand of unsanitised aggression. Their debut album Sore has been cropping up on a number of “omg, you have to listen to these awesome albums from the past year” blogs – and after listening to it, I can see why. It’s raw, edgy punk and it’s absolutely glorious.

I could have picked a whole host of tunes from it, but I’ve decided to go with Green – the aforementioned song about dingy love and kitchen-based nudity. I love pretty much everything about it. And you should too.

(incidentally, you should go on YouTube and look up the live version of this song that they do inside a cage for Noisemakers. It’s awesome.)

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