Nice and Sleazy

Oh hello again. It’s been a while and I’m feeling bad for not posting anything recently – so here are some dirty tunes to compensate.

First up is Deep Jelly by LA greasy rock duo Deap Valley, who kind of sound like the result of a coke-induced lovefest between the White Stripess and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s dark and dirty with lecherous guitars and big drums, and it’s awesome.

And, if you’re keen on some heavy rock in the mould of the better parts of early 2000s nu-metal, check out Aussie five-piece Endless Heights. Kind of like a Sydney version of Bring Me The Horizon, but with vocals more in the mould of Staind rather than the vocal chord-shredding stylings of, say, Slipknot. It’s a nice piece of throwback rock full of big guitars and big attitude. Very nice indeed.

Also from Sydney, are garage rock foursome Apes, who kind of sound like a scuzzier version of some mid millennial chart rock. Imagine if the Scissor Sisters beat up the Black Keys and stole all their instruments. Then got completely buckled on Jack Daniels and speedballs and listened to some Marilyn Manson. This is Dimension and it’s glorious fun.

And finally, here’s Jack White doing what he does best with his most recent supergroup The Dead Weather. I covered these guys last year, but they really are ace. Check out this track I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) and see for yourself.

Right, that’s your lot. See you next time.

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