Older discoveries

I’ve been doing a little Autumn cleaning with my music, which has involved tidying up a few of my playlists and digging around in some of the older collections that I’d left to gather dust. And wouldn’t you know, I’ve made a couple of welcome re-discoveries that I thought I’d share.

First up is Glasgow twee pop rock contingent Kitty the Lion, with the wonderful Lion in the Bed – a kind of Amy Macdonald-meets-Belle & Sebastian tune with a killer melody and some of the sweetest vocals I’ve heard in a long while. It’s from back in 2009 (which is probably why I’ve only rediscovered it now, as it wouldn’t have qualified for the music project because it’s too old) but I’m delighted to have stumbled across it again. Hope to see more from these guys in the future.

No video I’m afraid (they’re super niche, apparently), but listen to the Spotify link. You’ll be happy you did.

Second is another (now unfortunately defunct) Scottish band – Glasgwegian indie rockers The Imagineers. I remember hearing this track, Mariana, on Craig Ferguson’s late night talk show a good few years ago and thinking it sounded pretty awesome, but then forgot about it and never heard anything about the band afterwards. And that’s a crying shame, because this is a brilliant song that should have propelled them to great things.

And finally, here’s Los Angeles garage punks FIDLAR with the wondrously scuzzy Drone. Awesome band, awesome sound and a cracking little video too. Enjoy!

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