Year 2 – First Movements

And we’re back! As I said in my round up post, I do intend to keep going with the new music postings; just on a less regular basis – so here’s a wee selection of tunes to get your teeth into today.

First up is Irish singer Glen Hansard, who you’ll probably be most familiar with for his work on movie Once’s soundtrack. I’ve got to confess, I’ve not really been that aware of his stuff to date so I really enjoyed listening to his latest offering Lowly Deserter. It’s kind of got all the key ingredients I look for in a country-folk tune – distinctive guitar and mandolin parts, clashing violins, gorgeous instrumentals and stirring vocals – and I really like it. I know I’m late to the Hansard party, but I fully intend on listening to some more of his output in the future.

Next up is some nice sub-2000s rock from the awesomely named New Jersey band The Front Bottoms. This is Laugh Til I Cry – a slice of suburban garage pop rock so shamelessly symbolic of the genre that you could easily imagine it nestling on an American Pie movie soundtrack. Of course, that’s not going to be to everyone’s liking, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Great fun.

And finally, here’s Seattle songwriter Noah Gundersen with Show Me The Light, a big, breathy, beautiful bit of solo song-styling. I do love me a good singer-songwriter and Gundersen is rapidly becoming a new favourite for me. I love the album that this track comes from – Carry The Ghost – and I’d thoroughly recommend everyone listen to it because it’s gorgeous. Go on, do it now. I’ll wait…

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