Day 338 – Lunchmoney Lewis

I’m breaking my rules a little bit here – but as we’re into the last month, I thought what the hell. It’s been a while since I relaxed the criteria to get a great tune in here.

So here’s US hip hop artist Lunchmoney Lewis, who was responsible for the hit single Bills which topped the charts in Australia and hit top 10 in the UK and New Zealand earlier this year. But this is his newest tune Whip It!, featuring guest singer Chloe Angelides, and it’s bloody glorious.

This is a late summer party tune of the highest order and surely to be a staple of many a soundtrack filled with lurid coloured cocktails, ass-shaking, dancing and convertible cruising down Pacific highways. And I love it.

(admittedly I feel slightly ashamed and used by doing so, but I love it nevertheless)


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