Day 320 – Asian Dub Foundation

As a reward for getting up to speed on the blog, I’ve decided to bend the rules a bit for today’s post. Mostly because the band in question has been going since the mid 90s and did, I believe, at one time have a Mercury Prize nomination under their belt – but never really had a swell of infamy or chart success on the back of it.

In fact, Asian Dub Foundation is one of those names that stirs up some vague memories from back in my teenage, gig-going, festival-frequenting heyday but I wouldn’t be able to name any of their songs or albums. They’re placed alongside Audioweb and Morcheeba in my list of interesting musical styles that sounded intriguing at the time but which I never really got into.

I’d thought that ADF had actually ceased to be a decade or so ago, so it was a bit of a surprise to see their new album More Signal More Noise peeking out among the new releases on Spotify this week. So I started listening out of curiosity and, blow me, what a glorious sound. It appears that in the decade or so since I last listened to them, the band has fleshed out its rapcore/dub/ragga/electronica fusion into a big snarling beast – and it’s tremendous.

This is the opening track Zig Zag Nation which is amazing, and the only song I’ve heard in many years to use a flute quite as impressively (not exactly the easiest of instruments to shoehorn into a non-folk environment unless you’re Iain Anderson). I really like it. Not enough to necessarily start exploring the back catalogue that I’ve missed, but it’s stirred my curiosity at least.



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