Day 319 – Wildhood

OK, I’m finally up to date. It’s taken ages, but I’ve chosen all the tunes, written up all of the missing posts and I’m not writing this one on the correct day it’s meant to go out. Big apologies for being so rubbish at this recently, but I promise to be better as we head into the last month or so (but please do go back and listen to some of the posts you may have missed – there’s some awesome stuff in there).

Anyhow, here’s London artist Wildhood with his resplendent, bizarre, intricate piece of lunacy Psycho Jam. A kind of hodge podge of musical stylings ranging from grunge, blues, hip hop and sleazy jazz rock, it’s been self-described as “an assembly of character – it’s three energies brought together by downward fluctuations and cosmic nonsense”.

It’s quite unlike anything I’ve heard recently, and I love all of its crazy weirdness. Awesome stuff.



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