Day 279 – Lapsley

Something a bit quiet and melancholic for today, from Merseyside electronic musician and singer Lapsley.

With only a handful of EPs and singles to her name, this teenager kind of falls into one of those “one to watch” categories that acts who get championed by Zane Lowe tend to find themselves in prior to releasing a debut album. But while the range of music on display is still in its infancy, the stuff that is there is very good indeed.

This is the title track her latest EP Station and it’s lovely. All brooding, dark sonic landscapes, gentle, haunting vocals and interesting electronica beats and ticks that give the track an almost ethereal feel. It’s musically intricate and assured in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily expect someone still in their teens to be, and that’s a very welcome surprise.

Lapsley’s other work to date is really good too, but there’s something about this song that, for me, elevates it above the rest. I really like it.


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