Day 277 – Danny & the Champions of the World

I’m not adverse to listening to a band purely on the merit of their name – whether it be a something pun-tastic or, in this case, something that has a classic reference which resonates with me.

Cribbing your band name from a Roald Dahl novel is totally valid in my book, so here’s folk/rock/indie/soul outfit Danny & the Champions of the World. The track is Clear Water and it’s a gloriously happy little summer track – kind of like a hipster Simply Red, but not shit (I know that may seem slightly oxymoronic, but give it a shot: it works here).

Plus, I’m a sucker for when an indie band decides to pop a trumpet-filled brass section into the mix. The fact that it’s complimented with some country-style slide guitar is doubly good in my book.

Hope you like it.


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