Day 274 – Firewoodisland

A Norwegian/Welsh mix (yes, really!) of folkiness today from Firewoodisland, who I stumbled across by chance at the start of the week.

Awesomely self-described as a Celtic-Viking band, these guys produce some infectious, catchy, melodic folk-tinged musings that conjure up wasted weekends of back-to-nature revelry. Imagine a clash between Of Monsters and Men and Jethro Tull in their late 70s semi-psychedelic period and you’ve pretty much got the sound that’s on display here – the soundtrack to a delirious magic mushroom trip in the heart of the Scandinavian fjords.

This is their latest single Owl Song and it’s a bizarre, trippy-hippy mix of tight harmonies, expertly-crafted folk musicianship and some impressive weirdy-beardiness. Vocally, it’s also an eclectic bag that meanders between flash falsettos and multiple chorus line “hoo-hoos”, kind of like if the members of ABBA got mashed off their tits, went rogue and started singing bizarre odes to the forest fairies.

It’s not to everyone’s tastes, I’ll grant you, but I absolutely love this.


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