Day 268 – Cheerleader

The sun’s (just about) peeking out through the clouds up here in Edinburgh, so what better way to celebrate than with some shimmering, summery indie pop?

This is Philadelphia band Cheerleader and their bright, shiny single Perfect Vision which kind of sounds like the sort of crowd pleasing, stirring tune that you’d expect to find at the end of a Pitch Perfect-esque comedy movie.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course. It’s infectiously catchy stuff that uses delightfully uplifting guitar squeals and hazy vocals to smother you into submission, like a melodic duvet. Think Polyphonic Spree-meets-Empire of the Sun, but without the wanky hipster association – and then add in some chart-friendly background production.

It’s the sort of track that 5 years ago I would probably have found naturally repellent and been incredibly cynical about its carefully-packaged sound…but I just can’t do that now. Maybe I’ve mellowed in my old age, but I think this is actually pretty lovely, poppy stuff that I’d happily have blasting out of my car stereo in the Summer sunshine.


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