Day 251 – Siv Jakobsen

It seems like an eternity since I posted any Scandinavian music, but I finally stumbled across a new act the other day that I’ve been dying to include. And as it’s a chilled Sunday evening, I thought this was as good a time as any to do it.

This is Dark by Norwegian songstress Siv Jakobsen and it’s just lovely. Simple piano-laced melodies with a pure, stunning vocal performance over the top, this is orchestral folk as it should be – a little bit Laura Marling, a smidgen of Joni Mitchell and a slice of Damien Rice all wrapped up into one amazing little raw, emotional package.

Spotify only has two tracks by her so far – this one and How We Used To Love – which are both excellent. You check both of them out. And then wait eagerly for a full length LP to come out.


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2 Responses to Day 251 – Siv Jakobsen

  1. mirrorgirl says:

    There are so many good norwegian artist! Let me know if you want some insider tips:)


    • admather2014 says:

      Yeah, always keen to hear more Norwegian stuff. So far I think I’ve only posted about Aurora, Your Headlights Are On and Kvelertak – but I’m keen to find out more.

      Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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