Day 240 – Lia Rose

I said earlier that I’d been listening to some stuff that was leaving me transfixed and a little emotional – so here it is.

Continuing my singer-songwriter kick (and taking another highlight from the most recent Bay Bridged podcast), here is gorgeous San Francisco songsmith Lia Rose with some of the loveliest sounds I’ve heard for some time.

Basically, you should go and listen to the entirety of her 2013 album Bricks & Bones. From start to finish and just soak it all in. It’s mournful, delightful, melancholy and uplifting in equal measures – kind of like a mesh of Damien Rice and Suzanne Vega but sung by Feist – and just really, really lovely.

If you want specific songs to listen to, The Hopeless Hope and California are both excellent, while I really like the bouncy Trainwreck Tuesday. But my personal favourite is the song that closes the album, Secret Stories. With a simple piano, cello and guitar rhythm backing a lovelorn tale of sweet romance, it’s a beautiful song. One of the best I’ve heard recently for sure.

The YouTube version isn’t quite as good as the album one, but here it is anyway. It should give you a  flavour if you don’t have Spotify and can’t listen to the proper studio performance.


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