Bonus Post – April Apologies

I’ve got an artist lined up for a proper official post, but before I get to that, I’d just like to take a quick moment to say sorry. I’ve been incredibly tardy about the posts I’ve been putting up over the past couple of months and here’s a quick explanation.

Basically, I hit a wall. I kind of always knew I would do at some point in this year-long challenge, but I hadn’t expected it to be quite so tough. Whereas in the beginning I was excited and eager to delve and explore into the unknown, by the end of last month I found it difficult to muster up the energy to do so. Previously intriguing songs lay dormant in my archive and just weren’t grabbing my attention anymore; meaning there were a few days where I simply picked stuff at random and hoped it would work out for the best.

Those were the dark days when I almost contemplated putting a stop to this whole endeavour – but the good news is that I powered through the pain and I think that I may just be on the other side now. There are songs that I’ve heard over the last week that have had me transfixed (and on one occasion, even stifling a tear) and I’m getting enjoyment out of it again. I kind of feel like a marathon runner that had to dig deep around the 15 mile mark, but now has a second wind and is hurtling round the course.

All of which leads me to say this. Thank you so much if you stayed the course and listened to the stuff I’ve been posting, while trying to decipher some of the crappy writing I was throwing out. I do really appreciate it – and hopefully the stuff that’s coming up will be much, much better.

So here’s a couple of bonus things. Firstly, here is a link to the whole 365 New Music Project playlist so far. It’s 240-odd songs long, so if you haven’t heard everything yet, take a listen on Spotify.

And secondly, here’s something personal that I wanted to throw into the mix. I recently recorded some stuff for a light-hearted work-related project, during which I managed to steal 6 minutes to lay down a song of my own that I wrote back in 2003. It’s the first semi-decent recording I’ve done of this tune and I thought I’d post it here – dodgy iMovie video and all. Hopefully someone may like it.

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