Day 238 – The Sam Chase

I know I’ve made Mondays a bit of a higher octane environment for some loud tune-age, but I’m taking a bit of a departure this week.

Why? Well, you can blame the Bay Bridged Podcast, one of my occasional go-to resources to hear some interesting new stuff. They recently did a singer-songwriter episode which, if you know me at all, you’ll know is pretty much as far up my alley as it’s possible to go. And this is one of the offerings that it threw up – San Franciscan indie folk rocker The Sam Chase and he’s absolutely outstanding.

I took a wee tour of his back catalogue on Spotify and if there’s one thing you have to do this week, then it’s to listen to the 2013 album Will Never Die. Seriously, just play the whole thing all the way through and sit back, relax and enjoy. It’s delicate guitar melodies, delightfully introspective lyrics and a Dylan-esque vocal performance that all combine to create something quite poetically beautiful.

If you’re strapped for time though….well you’ve got a couple of options to pick here. Rock Bottom Has Never Felt So Good is a tremendous song, as is In a Perfect World and the deliciously pretty Birds. But my favourite tune on the album (just) is the penultimate track Old Blood which is just lovely.

There are some acoustic versions available to listen on YouTube, but I don’t think they quite do the song enough justice – so I’ll just give you the Spotify link for now. But to compensate, I’ve also included the official video for Glory – one of the actual singles taken from the album. Enjoy!


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