Day 235 – Amber Run

I’ve made no secret of my admiration for decent pop music – or even just stuff that happens to end up high in the charts for one reason or another – so today’s tune is one that fits this genre.

Now, there’s a musical snobbiness that I’ve come across which we’re all guilty of following at one time or another. You know – the kind of thing where you happily say “Coldplay are shit” just because it’s the cool, done thing to do (nb, they’re not. Occasionally bland and repetitive, maybe, but they’ll still knock out a belter of a tune fairly regularly). And this band I’ve chosen for today, is probably the sort that would fall into that “we’re going to hate it just because it’s popular and mainstream” category – but I don’t care.

This is Noah by Nottingham-based indie rockers Amber Run, and it’s a glorious tune. Yes, it’s a specific kind of style that’s currently being popularised by bands such as Bastille, but it’s still a cracking piece of songwriting (and, incidentally, on the Bastille front, I still maintain that Pompeii is a bloody great song).

Think Nizlopi-meets-the-London Philharmonic orchestra, and you’re probably getting close to what this stuff sounds like. Personally, I think it’s excellent – and I’d heartily recommend checking out the rest of their 2015 album 5AM, which is also great.


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