Day 233 – Winterbourne

It’s been a wee while since I posted any folk tunes here, and even longer since I had an Australian act to highlight – so here’s something that’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Check out Aussie folk rockers Winterbourne, who hail from Sydney (if their twitter profile is anything to go by) and write some gloriously rabble-rousing banjo-laden foot-stomping folk tunes.

Now, I realise we’re getting dangerously into Mumford & Sons territory here – and the kind of pastiched, overdone, public schoolboy shanties that those guys seem to spaff out on all of their records – but this is different. It’s got heart, for one thing, and doesn’t come across as a bunch of blokes cynically making music that they think sounds like what people want to hear from a folk band. I get the impression that these chaps are the real deal, shaped by decades of busking and honing their craft…and if there’s a Mumford crossover, well, that’s just an incidental coincidence. An occupational hazard of the genre, if you will.

I’d liken it more to the kind of stuff that Hope & Social are doing. Catchy folk-laced songs inspired by bluegrass and country-style Americana – and it’s very, very good.

Anyhow, this is The Boy Prince (taken from their debut EP All But The Sun) and it’s cracking tune. Have a listen and see what you think.


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