Day 197 – Joanna Gruesome

Before we get down to today’s post, I’ll start with a little caveat for the next couple of weeks. I’m now on holiday from work (yay!) and jetting to California to see friends & family and unwind – but I’m not taking my work laptop with me.

That means that my usual outlet for blogging is going to be gone and, instead, I’m going to have to resort to begging, borrowing or stealing other people’s computers to post songs up on this blog. It shouldn’t be a problem but just in case you come back and don’t see the occasional post, that’ll be why. But I promise to put up the required number of tracks to match my one-per-day ratio that I’ve kept so far. Bear with me.

So anyhow, back to today’s song. This is Welsh noise pop/rock group Joanna Gruesome with their infectious new single Honestly Do Yr Worst and it’s grey fun. Think if Isobel Campbell had ditched her Belle & Sebastian twee-pop roots and shacked up with a bunch of noisy teenagers who listened to Sonic Youth and the Membranes all day…and then got vocal coaching from Carrie Brownstein. The result is something weird, twisted and a bit of a hodge podge but it’s charming and the fusion of styles works surprisingly well.

Take a listen and see what you think.

(unfortunately I can’t embed the video – but cut and paste the link to get to it on YouTube)


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