Day 192 – Perfume Genius

A wee shot of melancholy for today’s post, if that’s OK with you. But it’s such a bloody beautiful piece of music, that I hope you won’t mind its slightly depressing edge.

This is 17 by Seattle solo artist Perfume Genius and it’s amazing. Kind of echoing some of Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World, but with a more heartbreaking strain to the vocal performance, this is exceptional stuff indeed.

I’m a sucker for piano-and-voice tracks at the best of times, and this is one of the best I’ve heard for some time. Stripped back to the basics it’s lovely enough, but combined with subtle string work  and some mild, yet brooding, background effects it ends up being much, much more. And the final result is something quite beautiful.

Hope you like it.




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One Response to Day 192 – Perfume Genius

  1. luminouszest says:

    yay alright!!! 😉


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