Day 179 – Aurora

OK, so I have a confession to make – I missed a post yesterday.

Well I had an idea ready for a post but then I didn’t get round to uploading it before I left work. And then I went to the pub and by the time I got back home I was too tired/merry to do it before bed. So I posted it earlier today and backdated it. (sorry!)

Phew, glad I got that off my chest. To apologise, here’s something a bit different. This is Norwegian singer-songstress Aurora with her 2013 debut single Awakening. 

Now, she comes as a recommendation from my significant (and many would say better) half, who heard Aurora’s latest single Runaway and thought i’d enjoy it. I did, but I checked out her other songs and found this one instead, which I think is even better.

There’s a little bit of Bjork here, and it’s very reminiscent of First Aid Kit – albeit with an ambient dance/soul beat behind it rather than a folk vibe. But more than anything, it’s utterly gorgeous. Aurora has a phenomenal voice and knows how to use it in such a way to send goosebumps up your spine – and it’s just lovely to listen to. Not my usual cup of tea, admittedly, but I’m hooked on this.

If you want to hear a stripped back version check out this link too (I can’t embed it) –


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