Day 175 – Your Headlights Are On

Another slightly unusual addition to the mix today – this is Norwegian jazz-pop collective Your Headlights Are On with the song We Real Cool, We, taken from their 2011 eponymous debut album.

Why introduce it today? Well I’m not entirely sure. Nor am I particularly confident about when I came across these guys either. Ordinarily I’d have put it down to a case of hearing them on the New Music Monday playlist on Spotify, or coming across them on one of the podcasts I listen to, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. I honestly have no idea how I heard about this band.

But mystery aside, I’m nevertheless glad I did because these guys are excellent. There’s an underlying, playful 90s pop feel layered over the subtle brass elements and the Breeders-meets-Julie-Delpy vocals which I find particularly pleasant to listen to – although I’ll caveat that it isn’t a style that will appeal to everyone. For me, it’s a type of sound that harkens back to pivotal  moments in my adolescence, so I’m willing to give it a lot more leeway than others might. But even with the rose tinted glasses off, I still reckon it’s a damn good tune.

So, yeah, you should totally check it out.


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