Day 173 – Rae Morris

Back to some soulful, melancholy sounds today – with a beautiful song from Blackpool songstress Rae Morris.

This is her 2012 single Grow which, in my opinion, should really have been included on her recent debut full-length album Unguarded. Yes, it’s a slightly different vibe from the highly-polished, effects-laden stuff that she’s currently doing, but I’m sure she could have found space for this too – even as a bonus track.

Why? Because it’s a stunningly gorgeous tune. All wistful, breathless vocals, swelling harmonies, mournful piano-laced melodies tinged with ever-so-discreet layers of electronic static and an impressive level of songwriting depth that’s generally missing from many pop-friendly soulful solo artists these days.

At times it’s kind of reminiscent of fellow UK singer Birdy, and there’s certainly a lot of similarities in terms of vocal sound and range between the two women. Both have stunning voices that are deep and rich, but still retaining a great deal of delicacy – and above all, both are very, very lovely to listen to.

But enough gushing from me. Check it out and see what you think.


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