Day 168 – The Honey Trees

It’s kind of a lazy Sunday evening, so I thought I’d experiment a little with some California dream pop from Sacramento/San Luis Obispo duo The Honey Trees.

Now, I had original planned to use one of their other tunes for today’s post until I discovered that it had been released in 2009 – which disqualifies it from getting a place on the list. I’ve fudged the rules a few times already, but this is kind of a fundamental one: no tracks from before 2010. And it’s a shame, because the song I’d wanted to use (To Be With You) is really lovely.

Thankfully, a cursory check through their discography alerted me to their most recent album Bright Fire and this tune Nightingale which is equally awesome. Slightly more pensive and melancholy than their earlier stuff, but really quite lovely.

I fully intend to give the rest of Bright Fire a listen in the coming week, but if the first 3 tracks are anything to go by, I’m already sold. Hope you enjoy it too.


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