Day 155 – The Hazey Janes

Some dreamy Scot-rock is the order of the day this Monday, with a lovely little tune from Dundee band The Hazey Janes.

This is The Fathom Line and it’s a swirling, sun-tinged cracker of a song – very reminiscent of Everything Must Go-era Manic Street Preachers, mixed with a touch of the Polyphonic Spree and The Posies. Only with a lilt-y Dundonian accent taking over vocal duties; albeit in a very James Dean Bradfield-esque manner.

This is summer-drenched indie pop in all it’s resplendent finery. Perfect for early evening beers in the park on a hazy August night just before you have to decide whether to make a night of it, or cut bait and head home.

The rest of the album Language of Faint Theory is well worth a listen to as well; particularly If Ever There Is Gladness and Bellefield Moon (the latter of which is a beautiful, quiet and introspective song). But The Fathom Line is the one that I was immediately drawn to, mostly because of its opening guitar lick – so that’s why it gets the nod here.



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