Day 153 – Straylings

A spot of late night psychedelic folk/rock dark weirdness today from London outfit Straylings.

Kind of sounding like a White Rabbit-era Jefferson Airplane who have been hijacked by Karen O, this is solid Americana-tinged guitar work combined with some very distinct and powerful vocals from frontwoman Dana Zera. And this track, The Unravelling of Mr Ed, is a cracking example of their potential. Moody, broody and haunting, it’s a great tune that I’ve been really enjoying.

Unfortunately the rest of the album that this comes from – Entertainment on Foreign Grounds – isn’t quite so great. I mean, it’s perfectly pleasant, ambient stuff that’s very listenable to…but it just doesn’t have the same kind of “wow – that’s some pretty nice shit. I’m intrigued” vibe as this does.

But on the other hand, this is a debut – so there’s plenty of time to refine that sound and get it purring properly on future albums. And hopefully it’ll sound more like this.

(FYI – once again, I’ve been unable to find a decent video version, but this live performance is pretty good. Spotify link below as always as well)



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